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How To ‘DIY’ A Porch Life Sunroom

How To ‘DIY’ A Porch Life Sunroom

Did you know you can order and install your own Porch Life windows? Other competitors don’t normally offer this DIY option. We saw this issue in the market and decided to help DIYers like you! And get this, we made it super easy! From purchasing to installing, this article will show you how easy it is to work our custom 4-track windows and doors.

Order Process

We make it easy to order your windows and doors. All you have to do is reach out to us and request a quote for your measurement here. Let us know that you’d like to install the windows and doors yourself, from then we will work with you to get it shipped over.

Install Process

By using quality engineering to create our windows and doors, its structure is simple to install and work with. Before starting the installation, we have some important things to note:

  • Minimal tools will be needed to do the install just make sure to have a tape measure, level, drill/screw gun, hack saw or miter saw, screw driver, and a pencil.
  • Understand the rough opening and that the closer you are to a perfect square the easier it will be to install windows and doors.
  • Follow our instructions

Us VS the Competition

Our custom 4-track windows and doors can transform any outdoor space into a 3-season oasis. Our proprietary Flexiglaze is so durable you don’t ever have to stress about the elements of nature, kids, or baseballs damaging your glazing. We offer two screen options; standard and premium. Both are great options; the standard is great for letting in a cool breeze and premium goes next level with its top-tier rip resistance. We also are completely custom, so you can pick and choose all of your options and colors to make your new sunroom uniquely fit you and your home!

Customer Testimonial

One of our customers, Joe Malecki, chose to self-install our 4-track windows and doors to create a 3-season sunroom. He says he was pretty nervous about self-installing, thinking it’d be a significant project and wasn’t sure how great our memory vinyl would hold up. Well, take a look at what he ended up saying about it after 70-MPH winds and a tornado touched down nearby.

You could see the vinyl moving because it’s a flexible product, but you know, everything just held up just fantastic. I would definitely recommend yours (system). If somebody is asking me about these types of 4-track systems based on my experience, your product as far as I’m concerned is highly recommended.

Joe Malecki, Customer

Connect with Us!

It’s not only easy to order and install, but it’s also easy to connect with us. Contact us and you’ll hear back in 1-2 business days with a quote and next steps to DIY your new 3-season sunroom.

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3 Season Room: An Affordable Sunroom Alternative

3 Season Room: An Affordable Sunroom Alternative

Did you know there is an alternative option to a 4-season sunroom? It’s called a 3 season room, or for our companies specific name, Porch Life. It’s exactly what it sounds like, it’s converting your porch, deck, or any outdoor space with windows and doors that will transform it into a personal sunroom oasis.

There are many instances where potential customers give up on a sunroom due to the price a 4-season sunroom can be, but they are missing out on the chance of a 3-season sunroom instead. It’s a cost-effective alternative, in some instances it can even be a 4-season sunroom, and its quality is just as good. Especially if you choose Porch Life to do the job; more on that later.

First, let’s define the difference between a 4-season and a 3 season room.

4-Season Sunroom: A type of sunroom that gives additional space, it is enclosed with glass windows, a roof, and frames. It is supposed to be functional for all 4-seasons, but depending on the build that may not be the case. Depending on the materials used these rooms may not be as thermally efficient as advertised. 

3-Season Sunroom: A type of sunroom addition that uses screened windows and doors to cover a porch, patio, or deck that can be in 3-seasons (or 4 depending on where you live) because the rooms are not engineered to be heated or cooled long-term.

Cost-Effective Alternative

As we mentioned, many people tend to turn away from their dream of a sunroom after learning how costly a 4-season sunroom can be. However, if you take some time to research and learn what a 3-season sunroom like Porch Life can do for you, it may actually be in your budget!

A 4-season sunroom can range on average from $30,000 to $70,000. But, a 3-season sunroom ranges on average from $10,000 to $70,000. So the prices can be pretty similar but there is a chance of that 10-thousand dollar difference. 

There are other factors to consider in price. Your most basic 3-season sunroom will of course be lower. If you start adding on upgrades like a Premium Screen or French Doors. But, luckily you get the choice with Porch Life because we are fully-custom.

Request a quote now to learn what your 3-season sunroom will cost!

The Best Time to Use it

We keep saying 3 season room. So, what seasons are those exactly? It’s recommended to be used in the spring, summer, and fall seasons. Winters can be pretty harsh in some states and these specific sunrooms are not designed to heat the space, so it can get pretty chilly. But, let’s say you’re in the south, your Winter is not full of freezing temperatures or snow, so you actually can use this all 4-seasons! (Just be prepared for any hot summer days.)

Where Should I Buy From?

Perhaps we are being biased here but we recommend ordering from us here at Porch Life, let us explain why. We pride ourselves on being a fully custom sunroom option. We offer a variety of screen, vinyl, doors, and color options so it can truly be your creation, tailored to your taste.

Our 4-track windows and doors are also custom-built to fit your desired area. Let’s not forget how top-notch Porch Life quality is. Take a look at this video of our flex vinyl glazing. This patented technology allows you to never have to worry about golf balls, baseballs, or even hail from damaging your glazing.

Our quality is just flat-out superior. And it’s not just us making that up, hear what some of our customers have to say about us.

So, what are you waiting for?! Your sunroom dream can come true by choosing Porch Life. Reach out today for a quote and see what kind of 3-season sunroom we can bring you!

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Converting Your Patio With Porch Life Is Easy

Converting Your Patio With Porch Life Is Easy

You may have tried a home improvement project before and found it hard, The majority of homeowners have dealt with this. So much so, that it is often put off and never finished. You will always tell yourself, “one day I’ll get to it,” but it never happens. 

Well, what if we told you about a home improvement project really isn’t that difficult, time-consuming, or even that expensive, even though it may appear so? It’s called a 3-season sunroom. We know you might be thinking, “that sounds impossible,” but it’s not with Porch Life! And we are here to explain exactly how and why the process is so simple.

Where to Begin

The first step you need to take in the sunroom building process is research. Unfortunately, there are a lot of scammers out there. So, you need to be aware of the red flags. Here are some to watch out for:

  • Unreasonable down payment (like $25 or $10,000)
  • No license, insurance, or warranty offerings
  • No online website or accessible portfolio

We can make it easy for you and tell you to stop researching now and choose Porch Conversions. But we understand how important trust is. So first, read this article, and then you can decide for yourself.

How is it easy?

While this type of project may seem intimidating, choosing a reputable manufacturer like Porch Life can make it simple. This is because we make sure we have a great relationship with our dealers who will be selling and installing your sunroom. We put our homeowner and dealers’ needs first. This nurtures both relationships leading to a happy customer and a more trusted business relationship.

We make it easy to order, install, and enjoy. That’s for both homeowners and dealers. Having it available and ready to go makes the process for both much simpler. Installation being easy means less of a nuisance in your life, and of course, it’s easy to enjoy your new room.

Order Process

Here’s how easy it is. All you do is request a quote, then your local dealer will reach out. You and your dealer will then discuss your vision for your 3-season sunroom. A dealer will come to your home to take measurements and determine the perfect fit for windows and doors.

After that, dealers will place your order. And get this, your order can be manufactured and shipped within 15 days! That’s right, we are the only manufacturer in the industry to provide a 15-Day Expedited Lead Time. Porch Life leads the 3-season sunroom industry with the quickest order and installation times.

Install Process

Yet another easy process when choosing Porch Life for your 3-season sunroom. So easy, you could even DIY. If you aren’t down to attempt this type of project on your own, don’t worry. There are plenty of highly trusted contractors to get the job done.

When your room is ready, installers will be at your house prepared to build your sunroom. You as a homeowner don’t have to worry about your daily life being interrupted, the build can happen so quickly. And when we say quick, we mean it. Some of the rooms can be completed in only two days.

If you’re interested in learning more about how the install process works, visit this page

Time to Enjoy!

It truly is amazing how our 4-track windows and doors can transform a boring space into a 3-season room full of views and add a sense of comfortability to your home.

If you don’t believe us, believe our customers. Watch the videos below on what recent Porch Conversion homeowners have to say about choosing us!

Contact Us

Don’t be intimidated by a 3-season sunroom project. Let Porch Life do it for you! You can contact us HERE today and we will get back to you with a quote within 48 hours or the next business day.

The next steps will include measurements of your area and creating your Porch Life sunroom. We look forward to working with you and making at least one home project easier for you.

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