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Golf course homes are the epitome of luxury and serenity. Waking up to the lush greens, watching players perfect their swing, and enjoying the tranquility that these landscapes offer is truly unparalleled. But with such homes come specific challenges, especially when it comes to choosing the right windows on their extended porch living areas facing the golf course. Enter Porch Conversions memory vinyl windows, a product so revolutionary it caught the attention of the home design gurus at HGTV.

Why Golf Course Homes Need Special Windows

Living on a golf course means errant golf balls are a part of life. Imagine this scenario. You’re in your 3 1/2-season porch looking at the greens, sipping your morning coffee when out of nowhere, the sound of shattering glass interrupts your peace. Now, there’s a broken window and an unexpected golf ball on your floor. But when it wasn’t your fault, who should be filing the insurance claim? Who should be held accountable for this situation?

Porch Conversions windows were designed for homes on golf courses

Every golfer, at one time or another, has experienced this one specific moment of fear and uncertainty. This specific moment happens when a bad shot turns worse. A bad shot that laughs in the face of most bad shots. Not a shot that misses the fairway, finds the pond, or innocently sails out of bounds. No, this is the moment you realize your shot is just milliseconds away from crashing through a window in someone’s luxury home and you regret not being an expert in the laws of property damage.


Traditional windows are susceptible to cracks or even shattering upon impact. Moreover, these homes often aim to maximize the picturesque views, requiring larger, more expansive windows, which can be a challenge to maintain and protect. And while you’ll have to stick to these expansive panes of glass for your main living areas, your course-facing outdoor living spaces can stay safe from damage with Porch Life.

Porch Conversion’s Memory Vinyl Windows to the Rescue

1. Impact Resistance: One of the standout features of Porch Conversion’s memory vinyl windows is their ability to withstand impact. Much like memory foam, these windows revert to their original shape after distortion, making them almost immune to the occasional stray golf ball.

2. Crystal Clear Views: These windows are not just functional; they’re aesthetically superior. They offer unobstructed, clear views of the golf course, ensuring homeowners don’t miss out on the beauty right outside their front or back porch door.

4. UV Protection: With larger windows, there’s also the concern of UV rays fading interiors. These memory vinyl windows come with UV protection, ensuring your home’s porch interiors remain vibrant and protected from the sun’s harmful rays.

Benefits of Flexiglaze memory vinyl windows by Porch Life

The HGTV Stamp of Approval

HGTV, a name synonymous with cutting-edge home design and innovation, featured Porch Conversion’s memory vinyl windows, solidifying its status in the home improvement industry. Their feature highlighted the windows’ innovative design, functionality, and the transformative effect they had on golf course homes’ porches and outdoor living spaces.

Testimonials from Golf Course Homeowners

“Ever since we installed Porch Conversion’s memory vinyl windows, we’ve been at ease. No more worrying about golf ball impacts.”Derek and Jane T.

“The view of the 9th hole from our enclosed multi-season room is breathtaking, and thanks to these windows, we get an unobstructed view. It’s the best decision we made for our home.”Linda P.

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Porch Life is a national authorized dealer for Porch Conversions. Porch Conversion’s memory vinyl windows are more than just a product; they’re a solution to the unique challenges faced by golf course homeowners. With the endorsement from HGTV and rave reviews from homeowners, it’s clear that these windows are setting a new standard in home design and functionality. If you’re looking to enhance your golf course home’s beauty, safety, and efficiency, it’s time to consider Porch Conversion’s memory vinyl windows for your porch or outdoor living space facing the course. Swing into the future of home design!


Juanita Golson
Juanita Golson
We love the windows we purchased from Porch Life. We upgraded our deck to a sun room and the windows help the room look so open and inviting. When they arrived, they were well protected and no damage. The windows were made to the precise measurements sent to them and fit perfectly in the openings we had prepared. Great value for these windows. Their customer service is fantastic, too.
Frank G
Frank G
Transformed our back porch into a great three season room. Just wish we did it years ago. Andrea was great throughout the whole process. Can’t wait to see how long we can use it with the north east winter coming. Installation was easier than expected; took two of us about half a day. Thanks for everything.
Michael Los
Michael Los
Andrea was great to work with. She did all she could to ensure I had a positive experience from start to finish. After I discovered several pieces were damaged during shipping, Andrea helped me work through the claim process to obtain replacements. I am pleased with the construction and material of the 4-track windows. The installation steps are straightforward. The openings on my porch required 4 twin units. For wthat it's worth, if I were to do again, I would leave 1/4" per joined unit (or min. 1/2 total) rather than 1/4" per rough opening. In short, I'm happy with the product and very happy with the service I received from Andrea and Porch Life Direct.
Peter Oday
Peter Oday
Andrea was outstanding working with me on the project all the way through! Materials arrived on schedule, well packaged with no damage. Measurements were exactly what I requested. Quality of windows and doors is exceptional. We are extremely satisfied with the products!
Glen Barbeln
Glen Barbeln
The windows are perfect for our new porch at our cabin. The whole experience went well from the order to the delivery. I would recommend them to anyone! Glen
Scott Nelson
Scott Nelson
Andrea has been very responsive to my needs and I love the product. We have gone from two seasons on the patio to three. Very happy 😊
Gittelson Jewelers
Gittelson Jewelers
We ordered the 4 track windows for our back porch to enclose it. We needed help measuring and Andrea was super helpful with that and answered all of questions so we felt really good about tackling a DIY project with these windows. Everything came as described and we simply followed her videos to get them installed. I definitely give Porch Life a thumbs up for making our outdoor living space project super easy. Thankyou!
Buz Booker
Buz Booker
1-30-2023 Andrea @ Porch Conversions- We have really enjoyed our “new porch windows”. We can sit out there when sun warms it up. The temperature outside might be mid-forties and with the sun it can be mid-fifties on the porch; and the space heater kicks in some extra comfort. We hope for the best weather when our kids ( and kiddos) come in February from NYC and the Netherlands . Our two man team got the windows installed in less than a half day; and they look GREAT! We’ve told a bunch of friends how easy it was dealing with you and your company - the best - quick and the price was right! Also, we were most pleased to get the replacement screens for two windows and our contractor got them installed in about 40 minutes. Overall you get a very high mark for service, friendliness, sense of humor and being so easy to work with - many, many smiles! Come see us in the mountains of southwest Virginia and see the handiwork. All the best Buz Booker Pulaski, Va
Greg Jones
Greg Jones
We love our new windows. We were originally going to go with just a screened in porch. After seeing some examples and talking to Porch Life Direct it was an easy choice to go this route. We turned a porch from something we would use in the summer to something we use throughout most of the year. They are extremely easy to install, easy to maintain and even easier to use. We couldn't be happier with our decision!