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Ways to Improve the Look and Feel of Your Investment Property

Ways to Improve the Look and Feel of Your Investment Property

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As a real estate investor, it is essential to keep your investment property looking its best to attract quality tenants and maintain its value. However, it can be challenging to improve the appearance of your investment property without breaking the bank. Fortunately, there are several ROI-friendly ways to improve the look and feel of your investment property without spending a fortune. Here are some tips from Porch Life Direct to help you out.

Create a Business Plan

Before embarking on any upgrade project for your investment property, it is essential to start by creating a business plan. A business plan will help you determine the scope of the work and the budget required to complete the project. Moreover, it will help you identify any possible hurdles such as permits and zoning restrictions. Also, consider structuring your business as an LLC in Minnesota. This structure limits your personal liability and offers tax advantages, too.

Refresh Fixtures and Hardware

Replacing outdated fixtures and hardware such as doorknobs, light fixtures, hinges, and handles is a simple and cost-effective way of improving the look of your investment property. You can either repaint or replace the fixtures and hardware to give them a fresh look.

Make Use of Area Rugs and Textiles

Area rugs and textiles are an effective way of adding color and texture to any room in your investment property. They are also an excellent way of covering outdated floors and furniture. Area rugs allow you to update the look of your investment property without having to spend money on expensive flooring upgrades.

Upgrade Kitchen Appliances

The kitchen is the heart of any home, and as such, it is essential to keep it looking modern and functional. One way of upgrading your kitchen without breaking the bank is by investing in energy-efficient appliances such as refrigerators, dishwashers, and ovens. Energy-efficient appliances not only look modern, but they can also save you money on energy bills.

improve the look and feel of your investment property with upgraded appliances

Additionally, adding a range hood above your cook surface is helpful as well. This vent pulls air towards it during cooking, preventing particles from settling on other surfaces throughout the kitchen, which saves time cleaning later on.

Create a Cozy Outdoor Seating Area

Outdoor spaces are becoming increasingly important to tenants, as they provide an extra area to relax, entertain and enjoy. Creating a cozy outdoor space is an excellent way of enhancing the curb appeal and value of your investment property. You can achieve this by adding comfortable outdoor furniture, colorful cushions, and potted plants. Visit Porch Life Direct if you’re planning to screen in the porch!

Porch DIY project in Manitoba, Canada with Porch Life EzVue Vinyl windows and doors

Upgrade Your Landscaping to Boost Curb Appeal

The first thing that prospective tenants will see when they arrive at your investment property is landscaping. Well-manicured lawns, neatly trimmed trees, and blooming flowers create a welcoming entrance that will impress anyone who visits. Before getting started on any landscaping project, it is essential to consult online resources to ensure that you are following all relevant laws and regulations.

Upgrade Bathroom Amenities

Bathrooms are another area of the home that can benefit from upgrades. Simple upgrades such as new towel racks, faucets, and showerheads can go a long way in updating and modernizing the space. You can also add new light fixtures, mirrors, and other accessories to give the bathroom a fresh new look.

Compare Rents

Once you complete your renovations, it’s crucial to conduct thorough research on the rent prices of comparable investment properties in your area. This can provide you with a benchmark for setting an appropriate rent for your property. Comparing your property with similar ones in terms of size, location, amenities, and condition can give you a clear idea of what tenants might be willing to pay. This ensures you are competitive in the market and not leaving money on the table each month. Having a good understanding of the rental market trends can also help you make informed decisions about future investments or renovations.

Improving the look of your investment property does not have to cost a fortune. By following the tips outlined above, you can update and modernize your investment property while keeping your budget in check. Create an LLC, make kitchen updates, and set an appropriate rent price. Remember, a little investment in your investment property can go a long way in attracting quality tenants, maintaining its value, and maximizing your ROI.

Can Your 3-Season Porch Reduce Allergies?

Can Your 3-Season Porch Reduce Allergies?

Can My Porch Reduce Allergies?

For most of us, the upcoming sprintime presents full-blown pollen and bloom. Allergy season will certainly be here soon. Millions of people with allergy-related symptoms are suffering through it on an annual basis. Symptoms can range from a bit of sneezing to severe respiratory problems. According to WebMD, 30% of adults in the United States suffer from allergies and more than 25 million have asthma.

Since 1990 the pollen season has increased by 20 days. Specifically, the ragweed and pollen season has increased by 4 weeks over the last 15 years. It prevents homeowners and families from enjoying the beautiful outdoors. Taking all of this into consideration, and the fact that spring through fall is the favored season to partake in outdoor living and recreation — what are we to do? Fortunately, when you are at home, there is a way for you to still enjoy the outdoors without sneezing and coughing your way all the way through it. If enjoying the outdoor views, natural light and relaxing calm is your goal, you can still achieve this without sitting in the pollinated air.

Consider a Porch Life conversion for your porch, lanai, or other outdoor living space.

How pollen affects our home

Pollen can affect more than just your health (as if that weren’t bad enough). Pollen and airbornes can also damage outdoor furniture and structures if not maintained. Grass Pollen season happens from May to June. In July, we tend to have some relief from allergies because trees and grasses aren’t pollinating anymore. We do get into the muggy, humid weather though and if you’re in the midwest, you probably hate the mosquitos. This phase doesn’t last long, then August through November our allergies will return for weed pollination.

A common allergy season annoyance.

So, for months and months, this recurring problem tends to happen when you want to be outside enjoying nature with family, pets, and friends. How does upgrading your porch or adding a sunroom help with this problem?

How a DIY Porch Project Can Reduce Allergies

Most people use their screened outdoor living rooms in the spring and summer. There is certainly a coincidence that when we want to be outside is when things are growing and spreading and affecting us all. Screens, per se, don’t keep us safe from pollens or debris that can pass right through them.

Porch Life stands above the competition because we don’t custom-build your windows with screens. All our windows and doors use Porch Conversions proprietary Flexiglaze vinyl in addition to screen options. This clear and durable material not only lets light in just like a window, but it also stops 100% of pollen from getting in! If you live in an area that has mature trees, plenty of flowers and plants, or maybe even a pond, then you have a ton of stuff floating around in the air. If you have a lake home, a cabin, or live in the country or woods then these invaders are no stranger to you. You may even recall times when you’ve had to brush or sweep the pollen off your furniture and from in-between cracks. The dust and colored debris that can enter your space and wreak havoc on your furniture and walls can be really extensive.

FlexiGlaze memory vinyl windows will elevate this from happening and make your home more enjoyable.

Vinyl window porch upgrade in Manitoba, Canada

In addition to keeping the negative aspects of the season at bay, upgrading your outdoor living area to a 3 season porch adds value and versatility to your home. Sunshine, which is plentiful within a sunroom or three-season room, is beneficial to physical and mental health, improving a person’s outlook and increasing energy. A sunroom will allow you to take full advantage of a climate-controlled panoramic view of the beauty and interest in your very own backyard, season after season. You can enjoy the experience of outdoor views and serenity without irritation and itchy eyes.

Block UV rays

Porch Life’s memory vinyl windows are also UV safe. A misconception about vinyl windows is that they do not block UV rays. This is because vinyl windows are often associated with ‘plastic’ which usually melts or peels off due to exposure to UV rays. The sun is extremely powerful and has the ability to burn our skin, cause cancer, and cause sickness despite its ability to fade fabrics, rot furniture and destroy finishes. UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C are some of the harmful types of UV rays, UV-C being the most threatening of all.

However, the notion that Vinyl windows are not UV resistant is simply incorrect. uPVC windows usually have a special coating that gives them protection from UV rays. this coating not only protects the occupants from exposure to sunlight but also gives the windows that fresh and unstained look. The coating is part of the manufacturing process.

Decrease allergens inside and outside your home

Most screen porch companies advise using curtains and cleaning often to help with pollen. If these things are just too much to handle, one might suggest upgrading to a 4-season room. That comes with heavier expenses though. With Porch Life conversions, you simply don’t have to do either! We’ll keep your space clean of pollen and let in all the light that typical glass windows do.

Tips for decreasing allergens outside your home

Another key element to fighting the allergies battle is to help maintain allergens outside your home. How do you do that? Well, here are a few ideas…

Power wash your home

Pollen and other allergens love to collect on surfaces. Housing materials repel a lot of this on their own, but if they’re caked in dirt and debris, those surfaces will often retain more moisture. Moisture encourages the growth of mold and mildew – these are major allergy triggers. Power washing allows you to clean off the layer of gunk and debris that absorbs moisture and allows mold and mildew to grow.

power wash your home and paths in the spring to help reduce allergens
Power wash your home and paths in the spring.

While you’re at it, it’s a very good idea to power wash stone paths, any concrete or cement walkways, your driveway, and even your car and garage floor. This can ensure you’re starting fresh with every hard surface on your property.

Maintain your car

If you can store your car in the garage, do so. This prevents it from collecting pollen. It’s frustrating to open your door and see the pollen waft up into your face and into your vehicle. You’ve also now got pollen on your hand from the handle. That will get on the steering wheel and other interior surfaces, and you’ll inevitably touch your face. Store your car in a garage and the pollen won’t get in.

Replacing your automobile’s air filters is also a tip you should put on your calendar or task list every few months. Don’t let that stuff fester in an air chamber you sit in for long periods of time.

Your porch and patio

Homeowners often forget to ensure their porch and patio are allergen-free. These are the areas where you’re supposed to be able to relax outside. If you have outdoor sectionals, cushions, or upholstered chairs, make sure to protect these both from collecting allergens and from absorbing moisture. If you don’t have slipcovers, you can use an old sheet. You don’t want this furniture to grow mold or mildew or puff up a cloud of pollen every time you sit on it. The hard surfaces of your porch or patio can be power washed. Or, you can contact us today to learn more about upgrading your outdoor living space or porch with memory vinyl windows.

Your clothing

Wipe your feet. Most allergens collect on surfaces – including the ground, paths, and grass. As you walk through these, you collect allergens on your shoes.

Your clothing is another surface that allergens cling to and collect on. It’s a good idea to take off your shoes and coat and leave them in the mudroom when you come inside. If you want to keep a car, patio, or other outdoor area protected from allergens, don’t bring them with you. Wipe your feet and change out of gardening clothes and into fresh clothes when you go out. Keep clothes you’ve used in a closed hamper, so those allergens don’t spread around your home either. There’s a lot you can do to reduce allergens outside your home and with Porch Life, you can keep them from getting inside your home or your 3-season porch.

Contact Andrea

If you are considering upgrading your porch or outdoor living space, make sure to give Andrea a call at Porch Lilfe. She can give the best advice on how to tackle this project, she can help you measure your space for your new custom windows. She can even get you the best price. Contact Us today.

Do Memory Vinyl Windows Block UV Rays?

Do Memory Vinyl Windows Block UV Rays?

Do vinyl windows block UV rays?

Clear vinyl windows offer a wonderful alternative to both acrylic and glass panels. These panels are constructed from a flexible, thick, and durable clear vinyl material. The lightweight panels are an excellent choice for sunroom windows, three-season porches or decks, or any other backyard retreat you may have constructed. Our favorite type of vinyl window panels is the EzVue memory vinyl windows.  They can easily give you up to 75 percent ventilation in your sunroom. With safe heating, you can enjoy your EZVue™ multi-season room in cooler months. These are lighter in weight, more affordable than glass, and easy to use, remove, and clean.

And yes, our vinyl windows block UV rays; up to 98% of the sun’s damaging rays.

Image: Porch Conversions

Characteristics of vinyl windows

Vinyl windows are made from polyvinyl chloride, referred to commonly as uPVC. PVC is a form of synthetic plastic polymer and arguably one of the most desired forms of polymers today. One most commonly finds PVC being used in industrial applications – construction and plumbing – and has niche usage in window design.

PVC has versatile structural integrity. It can be either rigid or flexible. The rigid form is called RPVC. The material used to make windows is uPVC which stands for unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride. Conventional PVC cannot be used for doors and windows due to its chemical composition. uPVC is the preferred material as it does not consist of phthalates or BPA, rendering it environmentally safe.

Advantages of memory vinyl

There are many advantages of Porch Life’s memory vinyl windows and doors. The very first of them is that our products are custom-built to your specifications from Porch Conversions in North Carolina or Ohio. Porch Life products are made in the United States with love.

  • Other benefits of vinyl windows are important to consider when doing a remodel or new design on your home’s porch or outdoor living spaces. Amongst these benefits is the fact that the material does not fade. This might be one of the most important benefits! This quality is owed to its chemical composition. All you would have to do is wipe the window with a clean cloth and dust it once in a while and it will look as good as new.
  • Memory vinyl windows block UV rays. That’s right, our Porch Life vinyl windows and doors block 98% of the sun’s damaging rays. This is a major consideration when weighing out the benefits of vinyl vs. plastic or glass windows.
  • Vinyl windows also have the inherent ability to be heat resistant. Additionally, they don’t let the heat escape from within homes as well. This makes vinyl windows a good option for homes in places with extreme weather conditions and can be used all year round.
  • Due to the last point about being heat resistant, vinyl windows help you save money all year by being energy-efficient installations in your home.
  • Vinyl window products last long and are durable enough to stand up to winter weather conditions. Vinyl windows do not crack, warp or peel when subjected to harsh sunlight. They are also mold/fungi resistant.
  • Vinyl windows can also be great insulators of noise. With the curtains or blinds drawn in a year-round porch or outdoor living space, the private affairs inside the space can generally stay inside and vice-versa.

How do vinyl windows block UV rays?

A misconception about vinyl windows is that they do not block UV rays. This is because vinyl windows are often associated with ‘plastic’ which usually melts or peels off due to exposure to UV rays. The sun is extremely powerful and has the ability to burn our skin, cause cancer, and cause sickness despite its ability to fade fabrics, rot furniture and destroy finishes. UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C are some of the harmful types of UV rays, UV-C being the most threatening of all.

However, the notion that Vinyl windows are not UV resistant is simply incorrect. uPVC windows usually have a special coating that gives them protection from UV rays. this coating not only protects the occupants from exposure to sunlight but also gives the windows that fresh and unstained look. The coating is part of the manufacturing process.

How to use vinyl windows & doors

There are a variety of ways our memory vinyl windows open which will allow you to enjoy your three-season porch or outdoor living space for spring, summer, and fall, regardless of where you live.

  • Opening from the bottom will provide a really nice breeze. 
  • Opening from the top will help keep the rain out while allowing air movement. 
  • Opening from top and bottom to allow air movement without feeling a breeze.

Frame colors

We offer five-frame colors to ensure a custom match to your home. The color choices are white, tan, clay, bronze, and black.

Vinyl FlexiGlaze colors

We offer a range of FlexiGlaze shades from clear to bronze to fit your unique needs. Glaze colors help control the amount of light that enters the room.

Contact Porch Life

So, it is possible to transform your deck, patio, porch, or screen room into a three-season room with working memory vinyl windows. With a variety of screen, vinyl, and color options, these windows and doors will help create the perfect environment for your three-season room or outdoor living space. You can now enjoy being closer to nature throughout much of the year while your new vinyl windows block UV rays, rain, snow, and wind for a comforting outdoor living experience.

Contact us today or shop online for DIY porch windows.

Get Your Porch Ready For Spring with DIY Vinyl Windows

Get Your Porch Ready For Spring with DIY Vinyl Windows

Your porch or patio is a transitional space that connects you to the outdoors when summer arrives. There are many different configurations in people’s homes that range from completely enclosed spaces (often called four-season rooms) to screen porches and open stone patios or wooden decks by the pool. The possibilities really are endless when you design your outdoor living space or simply enclose your porch area to extend your indoor living space for 3 seasons or more.

Do-It-Yourself Solutions

Flex vinyl glazing makes the vinyl strong and flexible. Our glazing can be hit or leaned on by a child or pet and still maintain its form. With this patented technology, you’ll never have to worry about golf balls, baseballs, or hail damaging your window. Our windows are truly DIY products.  Most likely, if you can handle a screwdriver, drill, and level, you can install these custom-built products. 

These are very lightweight, due to the memory vinyl insert instead of the glass insert, and install easily.  You get almost all of your questions answered about Memory vinyl windows and doors in the video below. But reach out to us with any questions you may have about ordering your custom memory vinyl windows and doors. Contact Porch Life today.

Why should you consider vinyl over standard glass windows? 

Consider these four reasons why:

Vinyl windows preserve the “porch” feel. 

One reason people love a Porch Life vinyl window porch is that it gives them the luxury of experiencing the outdoors without necessarily having to be outdoors. Vinyl offers just that.  The panels are also easy to remove. With just a few steps you can take them down for the summer and enjoy the outdoors with a screened-in porch. Glass windows unfortunately don’t provide that option and make your outdoor space look and feel like just another room in your house. Vinyl porch windows keep out the elements while maintaining the open feeling of having an outdoor space. 

Vinyl windows last longer through seasonal change

Porch Life’s customized window system allows you to keep the inviting feeling of a screened-in porch regardless of the season. Our product is designed to keep the elements out while providing 75% ventilation. Much more than your standard windows. Also, our vinyl windows are flexible, which makes them much more shatter resistant than any other product out there. Children and pets don’t stand a chance!

They require less maintenance

Porch Conversions porch windows by Porch Life are made with sturdy aluminum frames that don’t require any painting or staining. The durable Flex Vinyl has UV inhibitor built right into it so it keeps its transparency and durability. We guarantee it! Just clean the panels every 6 months, and your vinyl windows will last a lifetime!

Glass windows are made for inside the house and not for an unconditioned outdoor space. Porch Life Windows are low maintenance and designed specifically for use in a porch or sunroom and will stand up to the harsh Minnesota climate.

How Do I Order

It’s easy with Porch Life. If you’ve been thinking about DIY vinyl windows and door solutions for the porch or patio, just click on our products below to configure your own. If you need help, you can always just Contact Us.

Quick FAQs About Memory Vinyl Windows & Doors

You’ve probably been researching how to upgrade the doors and windows on your porch or outdoor space for a long time now. Potentially all winter long. Below are some of the most common questions. You can read all of our FAQs by clicking HERE >.

What colors of vinyl do we offer?

We offer Clear, Light Gray, Dark Gray, and Bronze vinyl colors.

What frame colors do we offer?

The standard frame colors are White, Tan, Clay, Bronze, and Black.

What types of screens do we offer?

Porch Life sells standard fiberglass mesh and premium screens.

Do I have to leave the bar in the center of the vents?

Yes. All units over 30 inches in width require a spreader bar. If the unit is under 30 inches then the bar is optional and must be noted on the order if they are not wanted.

Do Twin Units and Triple Units come pre-assembled?

No. Twin and Triple Window units come field mulled. They will require some assembly.

How do I determine the hinge of a door?

The hinge side for inswing and outswing doors is always determined from the outside looking in.

Are all doors installed from the exterior?

No. Inswing doors are installed from the interior side of the room.

Transform Your Outdoor Spaces With EzVue Porch Windows

You’ve learned a little bit about our DIY vinyl windows product. They are affordable and easy to operate and install. Porch Life will transform a standard screen porch, sunroom, covered patio, or covered deck, into a multi-season room, that you will be able to enjoy for most of the year. Our lightweight but heavy-duty vinyl windows and doors are uniquely designed and custom-sized to fit existing openings without expensive reframing, making it easy to enclose your outdoor spaces.

When open, they let the breeze in, with an incredible 75% ventilation. Closed, they provide protection from rain, snow, wind, bugs, dust, and the summer sun. Your porch will become an extension of your home or cabin that can be occupied nearly year-round.

Porch Life can ship your order directly to your home ready to be installed.

The Top Garage Man Cave Must Haves

The Top Garage Man Cave Must Haves

Today, if you’re a dude or a gearhead of any kind, building a man cave is the top priority in your home. Building the perfect man cave is often a combination of smart design, high-tech entertainment, and lived-in, comfy furniture. There is simply no better way to leave behind the troubles of your day or week than by retreating to your man cave.

We’ll tell you about our number one must-have item for your garage man cave at the end of the article

For the mechanically project-minded, these cherished spaces allow us to slow down in a fast-paced world and refresh our minds. For many men who have families, the man cave may be the only space in the house that they can truly call their own – free of kids, dogs, and wives or significant others.

It’s a space uniquely designated for masculine interests.

Man cave must haves. Garages to love

The Garage Man Cave

Whether you are planning a new man cave buildout or renovating your current shadowy den, you want it to be cool. And there are certainly some cool (and very expensive) man caves out there. Our man caves are our personal sanctuaries. A place where we can amass our collections and display our wins throughout the years. It’s where we keep the things that matter most to us like our trophies, photographs, and even the collection of baseball cards we’ve had since we were boys. A man cave, to a man, is like a Carrie Bradshaw closet to his female counterpart. It’s an opportunity for you to show off your unique style and personality.

But what if you spend all of your time in your garage?

An unused garage is a perfect space for a custom man cave, providing a place for you to unwind and relax.  You can easily transform your garage into a man cave and still set it up to be a garage again in the future. OR some guys simply convert their existing garage into a partial man cave if their interests lie in automobiles and the restoration of vintage cars.

We’ll tell you about our number one must-have item for your garage man cave at the end of the article, but first here’s a list of some actions to take to begin your garage conversion.

Change the flooring

Comfy sanctuaries don’t usually include cold concrete floors, especially if they have oil stains on them. Instead of paying for padding and carpeting that you would have to rip out if you ever needed ALL of your garage back, you can use stone epoxy flooring directly over your concrete and instantly transform the look and feel of your garage man cave. Stone epoxy is easy to clean, durable, slip-resistant, and great looking all at the same time. It also happens to be more affordable than plush carpeting.

Epoxy garage flooring

Finish the walls

Many garages have unfinished spaces or walls that are lacking insulation and drywall. Even when garage walls are painted, they tend to be a matte white that does not match the texture and aesthetic of your home elsewhere. Finish off the walls with texture and a fresh coat of paint so it feels more like a part of your house.

Pro tip: Though it may be tempting, you may want to avoid dark colors on the walls in your garage. Stick with light, neutral colors that you can accent with other design features so you don’t find yourself in a dungeon.

Update the lighting

Let’s be honest, garage lighting is an afterthought. You might just have a single lightbulb hanging in the middle of the garage there… Or even worse, there might be some fluorescent ballasts containing those irritating, flickering vibes that will not lend to your man cave experience.

Rip that stuff out.

Add some new light fixtures. Perhaps hit an estate sale or two and see what you can find. Place a lamp in a couple of corners like it’s your basement space. New lighting will again make the space look more like a room and less like a converted garage, and it won’t cost much money to purchase.

Add shelving

You can build a custom set of shelves for your man cave that doubles as extra storage for your tools and other garage accessories. If you’re a gear head you might not care about having them in sight, but if you’re not that stuff can go away.

For instance, you might create a wall-to-wall set of cabinets that houses everything you don’t want to see in your man cave, and then you can use the top to hold your TV, movies, Beer keg, or whatever else you want in there. Try to build a shelving system that you could use for both a man cave and a garage to keep the space as versatile as possible.

Furniture & accessories

The finishing touches on your garage man cave might include electronics, couches, furniture, table, and accessories that make you happy. Make the space your own! If you plan on spending a lot of time out there relaxing, kicking back with friends, or working on your automobiles and motorcycles, then you’ll want to think about the garage door, which leads us to our number recommended item for your garage man cave.

Install an Olympic large opening screen

Our top recommended item to enhance the enjoyment of your garage man cave is to install an Olympic screen. You’ll open up your garage to fresh, natural ventilation with the Olympic retractable screen by Genius. The Olympic screen is ideal for openings up to 16.5 feet wide and 10 feet tall.

And it couldn’t be easier… It’s available in a manual version with a pull-chain or a motorized version which includes a portable and easy-to-use remote control. You can be in your garage during all of the spring, summer, and fall months enjoying the fresh air and natural light without the bugs, leaves, or other debris inviting themselves inside.

Shop online for Olympic retractable screens

Olympic screens are easy to order. This large retractable screen is custom-made in the United States for the measurements of your particular space. To order or learn more about them, visit Genius Olympic Retractable Screens.