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Best Porch Design Ideas Featuring Durable EzVue™ Windows

Best Porch Design Ideas Featuring Durable EzVue™ Windows

Each sundown brought unwelcome bugs, dirt, and debris.

Sarah loved her evening tea until unwelcome mosquitos and other nuisances made her back porch an uncomfortable place to be. Longing for a solution, she envisioned an inviting space, shielded from the elements, where she could savor her mornings and evenings nearly year-round.

She discovered EzVue™ windows and doors by Porch Conversions, designed for versatile and budget-conscious porch design ideas. With these innovations, she realized transforming her back porch was not only possible but affordable.

Revolutionary and affordable ideas.

Understand the Limitations of Your Budget

Embarking on a porch conversion project requires a clear understanding of budget constraints.

In 2016, Porch Conversions introduced a game-changing solution that revolutionized porch design. Homeowners found that EzVue™ windows and doors offered premium quality without the premium price.

Today, it’s as true as ever that one’s success in maximizing a budget lies in selecting cost-effective yet stylish materials that enhance both aesthetics and durability.

Balancing the allure of high-end finishes with the reality of a limited budget involves strategy and creativity, illustrated perfectly by the efficiency of EzVue™ products.

By understanding their budget constraints, homeowners can make informed decisions, ensuring their porch transformation is both beautiful and financially feasible.

Moreover, with the introduction of modern alternatives, achieving superior curb appeal becomes more accessible. EzVue™ doors and windows are designed to offer contemporary elegance while ensuring practical benefits, such as durability and ease of maintenance. By focusing on these high-quality yet affordable materials, homeowners can achieve a sophisticated and polished look that stands out in the neighborhood on the front porch or back porch outdoor living space. The emphasis on curb appeal ensures that the investment in porch transformation pays off not just in enjoyment but also in increased property value.

Why Traditional Porch Designs Can Be Costly

Traditional porch designs often come with hefty price tags due to the extensive use of high-end materials, landscaping requirements, and labor-intensive construction techniques. Also, one might be looking for a back porch that is more of a permanent interior space to their architecture. If you’re seeking to add this interior space that is a four-season, year-round room then you’re confined to some construction and higher budgets.

Traditional porch design plans can be costly

It’s no secret that this traditional route demands greater investment in bespoke craftsmanship, customized features, and interior architectural design, increasing both the time and cost of completing a porch renovation project.

If you’d love to enjoy your space 3 ½ seasons, read on…

Innovative alternatives, like EzVue™ windows and doors, emerged to offer a budget-friendly solution without compromising on quality, making traditional practices seem less appealing.

Homeowners looking to enhance their exterior spaces face challenges when sticking to conventional methods, as these often entail higher maintenance costs, not to mention the initial expense.

Thus, considering more modern, cost-efficient alternatives can bring significant aesthetic and financial benefits, while providing an outdoor living space nearly 3 ½ seasons.

Combining Toughness with Visual Appeal: Budget-friendly Tips

When it comes to creating the perfect front porch or back porch, combining durability with aesthetic appeal is key. As someone who loves spending time on the porch, we understand the importance of having a space that not only looks great but also stands up to the elements. That’s where EzVue™ windows by Porch Conversions come into play. These windows are designed to provide the perfect blend of toughness and visual appeal, making them an excellent choice for any porch design.

Embrace the Porch Life with EzVue™ Windows

Living the porch life means enjoying the outdoors from the comfort of your home. Whether you’re sipping your morning coffee, reading a book, or entertaining guests, your porch should be a welcoming and functional space. EzVue™ windows are a game-changer for anyone looking to enhance their porch experience. These windows are made from durable materials that can withstand harsh weather conditions, ensuring your porch remains a cozy retreat year-round.

Affordable Porch Design Ideas with EzVue™ Windows

One of the best things about EzVue™ windows is that they offer an affordable solution for upgrading your porch. Here are some budget-friendly porch design ideas that incorporate these versatile windows:

  1. Maximize Natural Light: EzVue™ windows are designed to let in plenty of natural light, creating a bright and airy atmosphere. Consider installing large windows to make the most of the sunlight and reduce the need for artificial lighting.
  2. Create a Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Transition: By using EzVue™ windows, you can create a seamless transition between your indoor and outdoor spaces. This not only enhances the visual appeal of your home but also makes it easier to move between the two areas.
  3. Enhance Privacy: If privacy is a concern, EzVue™ windows come with various tinting options that allow you to enjoy your porch without feeling exposed. You can choose a tint that suits your needs while still maintaining a stylish look. The vinyl colors range from clear to gray and bronze.
  4. Add Custom Touches: EzVue™ windows are available in a variety of styles and finishes, allowing you to customize your porch to match your personal taste. Whether you prefer a modern look or a more traditional design, there’s an option for you.

A woman smiling while reading a magazine

EzVue™ Windows and Doors: Affordable Solutions

Porch Life’s innovative EzVue™ products offer a blend of revolutionary engineering, ensuring that any budget can endure stylish enhancements. Homeowners will find solace knowing their renovations will include aesthetically pleasing yet financial-friendly elements, allowing for stunning transformations without overstressing budget constraints.

By embracing the versatility of these solutions, homeowners can effortlessly achieve a “designer look.” Not only is it a breeze to install them yourself, but their long-lasting durability also ensures continued satisfaction. With these products, the transformation of any porch will not only be feasible but will exceed expectations.

Maximize Natural Light with EzVue Windows

When envisioning a stunning porch transformation, maximizing natural light is key. EzVue™ windows offer an unparalleled solution, welcoming ample sunlight through their expertly crafted designs.

These windows are built to enhance the home’s aesthetic while ensuring functional efficiency. The strategic placement of EzVue windows allows for a seamless blend of outdoor and indoor spaces.

EzVue windows are engineered to maximize light, boosting aesthetic appeal.

For homeowners aiming to elevate their porch on a budget, integrating EzVue windows can make a significant impact. These windows not only highlight the beauty of natural light but also provide a cost-effective method to modernize the porch without compromising on quality or style.

Durability and Style with EzVue Doors

EzVue doors deliver both durability and style, ensuring any porch conversion is a lasting investment. With robust construction and a focus on aesthetics, these doors resist wear and tear, weathering the elements with ease.

Additionally, these doors come in a variety of stylish designs to complement diverse architectural themes. By selecting EzVue doors, one can merge functionality with an elegant presence, aligning with personal design preferences and broader porch design ideas.

Furthermore, their affordable pricing makes these high-quality doors accessible for any budget. Investing in EzVue doors not only enhances the overall structure but also adds a unique touch of sophistication to a porch, contributing to its charm and longevity.

memory vinyl windows durability. fist pushing into window

EzVue™ Memory vinyl windows and doors are nearly indestructible. Children and pets can’t hurt them.

DIY Conversions: Simple Yet Effective

For those seeking practical transformations, a range of straightforward modifications can yield vast improvements. Simple changes, such as painting, adding decor, or installing EzVue windows, can turn an ordinary porch into a charming space. These enhancements are not only cost-effective but also significantly uplifting, making DIY porch design ideas both achievable and rewarding.

DIY Porch Conversion with EzVue™ Windows Guide

If you’re a DIY enthusiast, converting your porch with EzVue™ windows is a project you can tackle on your own. Here are some steps to get you started:

  1. Plan Your Design: Before you begin, take the time to plan out your porch design. Consider the size and layout of your space, as well as how you want to use it. This will help you determine the best placement for your EzVue™ windows.
  2. Gather Materials: Make a list of all the materials you’ll need for your porch conversion, including EzVue™ windows, framing materials, and any additional tools. Having everything on hand will make the process smoother.
  3. Install the Windows: Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installing your EzVue™ windows. This typically involves measuring and cutting the framing materials, securing the windows in place, and sealing any gaps to ensure a weather-tight fit.
  4. Add Finishing Touches: Once your windows are installed, you can add finishing touches to complete your porch design. This might include painting or staining the framing, adding curtains or blinds, and furnishing the space with comfortable seating and decor.

By incorporating EzVue™ windows into your porch design, you can create a beautiful and durable space that enhances your home and provides a perfect spot for enjoying the porch life.

Necessary Tools and Materials for DIY Porch Conversion

Embarking on a DIY porch conversion requires careful preparation and the right set of tools and materials to ensure success.

  • Tape Measure: For precise measurements.
  • EzVue Windows/Doors: The centerpiece of transformation.
  • Screwdriver/Drill: Essential for securing components.
  • Level: To guarantee alignment.
  • Caulking Gun and Sealant: For weatherproofing.
  • Utility Knife: For precise cuts.
  • Protective Gloves and Glasses: Safety gear to avoid accidents.

Having these tools and materials at hand will streamline the project.

Ensuring each item on the checklist is ready will pave the way for a smooth and efficient conversion process.

Smart Design: Space Utilization on a Budget

Optimizing space can elevate any porch.

Porches are often seen as outdoor extensions of the living area. This invites homeowners to think creatively about maximizing the potential of these spaces without breaking the bank. Therefore, it is essential to look for affordable solutions that enhance both functionality and aesthetics.

Use multi-functional furniture for flexibility.

Consider clever storage solutions – for instance, benches with built-in storage compartments or slimline shelving units – to keep the porch organized and clutter-free.

Smart planning can also incorporate vertical gardening options, adding both beauty and practicality. By carefully selecting plants and utilizing vertical space, homeowners can create a cozy environment, rich with nature’s charm. Such thoughtful design choices can transform any porch into a versatile and inspiring haven.

Purchase DIY Design Plans From an Interior Designer

Also, while maintaining a budget-friendly project, If you’re looking for professional guidance to bring your porch design ideas to life, consider purchasing DIY Design Plans from Room Reimagined Design. This innovative service interior design service in Minneapolis/St. Paul offers expertly crafted design solutions that cater to your specific needs and preferences. Room Reimagined Design provides detailed plans that include everything from layout suggestions to material recommendations, making it easier than ever to transform your porch or your entire home into a stunning and functional space. With their expertise, you can confidently tackle your DIY project, knowing that you have a solid plan to follow. Visit Room Reimagined Design to explore their offerings and get started on your porch design ideas or full home design plan today.

Room Reimagined Design DIY Design Plan

The average cost of a DIY Design Plan is $1200.

Cost-Effective Decor Ideas for Your Porch

When decorating a porch on a budget, simplicity and creativity are vital components that enhance the overall experience and appearance without overspending.

Firstly, upcycling can make an extraordinary difference at a minimal cost. Repurposing old furniture or using recycled materials can infuse character and charm into the porch space, creating unique and personalized decor. This approach not only saves money but also supports sustainability by reusing resources.

Additionally, think about the power of lighting in transforming a space. Incorporating fairy lights, lanterns, or even homemade candles can create a warm and inviting ambiance. These affordable lighting options can effectively enhance the aesthetic appeal, making the porch a delightful place to relax and entertain.

Finally, consider integrated greenery as a cost-effective decor choice. Using potted plants or hanging planters can breathe life into the porch without significant expense. This not only adds a touch of nature but also positively impacts the overall atmosphere by fostering tranquility and freshness. Embracing such innovative decor strategies ensures that the porch will look picturesque, providing comfort and style without financial strain.

DIY porch lighting tips?

Strategic placement of lighting can transform a porch into a warm, welcoming space. Begin with an overhead fixture to illuminate the overall area.

Accent lighting, such as LED string lights, adds a charming touch. It ensures ease of installation while promoting energy efficiency.

For a sophisticated ambiance, incorporate wall sconces and lanterns. These fixtures enhance visibility and create a balanced light distribution, adding to the porch’s aesthetic.

Consider solar-powered lights to reduce electricity usage and maintenance. With advancements in solar technology, these lights can effectively brighten up pathways and steps, minimizing potential hazards. The fusion of functionality and style in porch lighting design is key to creating a space that’s both beautiful and practical.

Chandelier for front porch lighting ideas

Maintaining Your New Porch: Tips and Tricks

Once the porch transformation is complete, following simple maintenance routines will ensure that the space remains inviting, functional, and visually appealing.

  • Regular cleaning schedules help to prevent dirt buildup and maintain aesthetic appeal.
  • Sweeping, wiping surfaces, and checking for damages (repainting, replacing broken components) are essential.
  • Pruning plants help in sustaining their health and preventing overgrowth or obstruction of space.
  • Utilize protective covers for furniture to shield from weather conditions, ensuring longevity and minimizing wear and tear.

Finally, check for wear and adjust maintenance routines accordingly. Consistent care guarantees the porch continues to serve as an excellent, welcoming extension of the home. And your EzVue™ windows? Just wipe them down with soap and water to remove dust and debris. So easy.

Request a Quote for EzVue™ Vinyl Windows

Ready to take the next step in transforming your porch design ideas with durable and stylish EzVue™ vinyl windows and doors? Request a customized quote from Andrea at Porch Life. Andrea and her team are dedicated to helping you find the perfect solutions for your DIY porch project, ensuring that you get the best quality products at an affordable price. With their expertise and personalized service, you can confidently enhance your porch to create a beautiful, functional space that you’ll love for years to come. Don’t wait—reach out to Andrea at Porch Life today to get started on your dream porch.

If you’ve already done your measuring and you’re ready to go, fill out our Quote Form to finalize your order.

Transform your outdoor living space with Porch Life's Horizontal Side-Slider Windows


National Home Improvement Month: DIY Porch Conversions Sunroom Guide

National Home Improvement Month: DIY Porch Conversions Sunroom Guide

It’s National Home Improvement Month and you’re finally into the spring/summer home project mode. Transforming your porch into a sunroom is akin to transitioning from a sketch to a masterpiece, enriching your home with an infusion of light and a seamless transition between indoor comfort and the outdoor splendor of a remodeled living area.

Reimagine your living space.

With National Home Improvement Month as your canvas, let’s guide you through the DIY artistry of converting your porch into a radiant sunroom, accentuated by the addition of EzVue Vinyl windows and doors by Porch Life.

Planning Your Sunroom Project

Embarking on a porch conversion to remodel the area into a sunroom begins with meticulous planning, ensuring every aspect aligns with your vision for a luminous retreat. Begin by assessing structural integrity, as this will set the foundation for your transformed space, and then marry functionality with aesthetics, considering how EzVue Vinyl windows and doors will enhance your sunroom’s ambiance and usability at an affordable price.

In charting the course for your transformation, it’s crucial to factor in local building codes, permits, and the specific requirements of EzVue Vinyl products. Acknowledge climatic influences on design selections, optimizing thermal efficiency and sunlight exposure to establish a year-round haven. With each detail attentively considered, your sunroom will emerge as a harmonious extension of your home, courtesy of a well-executed plan and the superior clarity of EzVue Vinyl installations.

Assessing Your Existing Porch

Evaluating your porch’s current condition is the cornerstone of a successful conversion project.

A robust structure is paramount to supporting new additions such as EzVue Vinyl windows and doors.

Ensure the foundation, supports, and flooring can endure the extra weight and exposure. Prioritize stability and safety before proceeding with aesthetic enhancements.
Addressing all repairs or reinforcements upfront avoids disruptive mid-project modifications and guarantees a secure base for your sunroom’s transformation.

Setting a Realistic Budget

Before delving into the transformation of your porch into a sunroom (or any remodel), it’s critical to establish a realistic budget. Often, enthusiasts embrace the excitement of renovation without a clear financial plan, resulting in unforeseen expenditures and unnecessary stress.

The cost of materials, specifically conventional windows and doors, and any contractors you might hire, must be considered early in the budgeting process. These elements form the essence of your project and they vary substantially in price based on quality and features.

Additionally, factor in ancillary costs such as insulation, electrical work, and potential heating or cooling solutions. These often-hidden expenses can escalate quickly if not preemptively accounted for in the budget.

Keep in mind labor costs if you plan to hire professionals for certain tasks. While DIY EzVue Vinyl products reduce expenses, some aspects of the conversion might demand expert skill, especially when retrofitting an outdoor open porch space.

Ultimately, don’t forget to include a contingency fund. This financial buffer can address unexpected challenges inherent to construction projects, ensuring a smoother process without compromising quality or design. A meticulously itemized and flexible budget is essential. Without one, a dream project can swiftly become a financial nightmare, detracting from the joy of crafting your new sunroom.

Choosing the Right Time to Start

Initiating a DIY Porch Conversion Sunroom project requires strategic timing selection. Delays and complications often stem from poor scheduling decisions.

Considering seasonal weather patterns is critical for outdoor projects. Aim for a period of mild weather to facilitate construction and minimize disruption due to extreme conditions.

National Home Improvement Month provides an ideal timeframe for homeowners to commence their porch transformation projects. The month’s focus on renovation catalyzes ambition and industry support.

Engaging in a porch conversion during this month often means increased availability of materials and promotional discounts—crucial for keeping costs in check.

Commencing in National Home Improvement Month also capitalizes on community enthusiasm, providing an extra motivation boost for your DIY endeavor.

The Essentials of a Porch Sunroom

When adding a sunroom, the essential balance of comfort, light, and weather protection is paramount, affecting its utility and atmosphere.

The installation of EzVue Vinyl windows and doors fortifies against inclement weather while ensuring the continuity of natural light and panoramic views—vital aspects of the quintessential sunroom experience.

Incorporating these elements transforms a simple porch into a 3.5-season haven, leveraging Porch Life’s innovative solutions to enhance your home’s functionality and value.

Benefits of EzVue Vinyl Windows and Doors

EzVue vinyl windows and doors embody durability and low maintenance, a pragmatic pairing for the avid home improver. Their exceptional clarity offers unhindered natural views and ample sunlight without sacrificing durability.

EzVue’s versatile design integrates smoothly with existing structures, providing air and water resistance that’s critical in maintaining a comfortable sunroom environment.

The installation process of EzVue systems is crafted for the DIY enthusiast, removing barriers to entry with straightforward instructions and eliminating the need for specialized tools or intricate knowledge—ideal for National Home Improvement Month projects.

Transform your outdoor living space with Porch Life's Horizontal Side-Slider Windows

Structural Considerations for Support and Safety

Proper evaluation of existing porch structures is paramount to ensure they can support the additional weight of new windows and doors. Bear in mind, that safety is non-negotiable.
An additional benefit of EzVue product upgrades is that they are lightweight, unlike conventional windows and doors. Nonetheless, for safety’s sake, we suggest assessing the structural soundness of beams, joists, and load-bearing walls to have a full understanding of your structure’s integrity.

Integration of EzVue Vinyl windows and doors must accommodate climatic stresses—wind loads, snow weight, and thermal expansion. Adjustments to existing structures may be needed to meet these dynamic loads.

Ensuring the sunroom adheres to local building codes is essential. Upgrading structural elements may include reinforcing the floor system, enhancing the framework, or installing additional supports. Always confer with a structural engineer to validate modifications that maintain the integrity of the porch conversion and secure the safety of inhabitants.

Step-by-Step DIY Installation

Begin the installation by meticulously cleaning the area where EzVue Vinyl windows and doors will be mounted. This ensures a pure connection between the mounting surfaces and the new additions, optimizing durability and stability. You’ll want to do with any new installation that you may be taking on in your home.

Next, measure and mark the precise locations for the EzVue windows and doors, taking into account the necessary allowances for ventilation. Accurate dimensions are critical to achieving a seamless fit and finish, which is the hallmark of a professional-quality porch conversion.

Finally, secure the EzVue windows and doors in place using the hardware provided, ensuring each is level and plumb. Proper anchorage will guarantee the functionality and longevity of your sunroom, enhancing the enjoyment of your outdoor living space. Your precise measuring before installation of the windows when placing your order is a very important part of the process.

Prepare the Porch Area

Before initiating construction, clear the porch space of all furniture, décor, and obstructions, ensuring contractors have a clean workspace to start with. This action sets the stage for a clean workspace, facilitating unimpeded movement.

When dealing with existing structures, it’s crucial to assess the condition of your porch. Look for any signs of damage that might compromise the integrity of your upcoming installation.
Additionally, take the opportunity to reinforce the foundation and frame if necessary. This step is pivotal to supporting the new EzVue Vinyl windows and doors, ensuring they perform optimally.

Navigating around corners and edges requires meticulous attention to detail—any existing irregularities can impact the final fitment of the EzVue products. Therefore, rectification of these areas is mandatory.

Finally, deliberate on the desired aesthetics and functionality, such as window placement for views and ventilation. Choosing locations strategically is key to achieving a harmonious blend of comfort, convenience, and visual appeal.

Installing EzVue Vinyl Windows

Prior to installation, verify the window openings are true and level. Precise measurements are critical for any type or brand of window fitments. This ensures a snug and efficient closure against the elements.

By using quality engineering to create our windows and doors, its structure is simple to install and work with. Before starting installation, we have some important things to note:

  • Minimal tools will be needed to do the installation just make sure to have a tape measure, level, drill/screw gun, hack saw or miter saw, screwdriver, and a pencil.
  • Understand the rough opening and that the closer you are to a perfect square the easier it will be to install windows and doors.
  • Follow our instructions

Carefully remove the existing window frames, if any, taking care not to damage the structure’s integrity. The EzVue Vinyl windows demand a secure and stable host structure, aligning with precision to proffer optimal window performance. Install the window frames with steadfast screws and ensure a watertight seal using the appropriate caulking. The right materials are instrumental in protecting against water infiltration, a common concern with window installations.

Subsequently, install the vinyl windows into the prepared openings. Guarantee that the windows align perfectly with the framework to maintain airtightness and energy efficiency. The tactile adjustment of the EzVue windows allows for maximum control over light and ventilation, capitalizing on their innovative design features.

Finally, after securing the windows in place, conduct a thorough inspection to confirm that their operation is smooth and unobstructed. It’s vital to ensure that the windows exhibit flawless functionality—opening, closing, and locking effortlessly. Maintaining the fine-tuned balance between aesthetic appeal and practical utility is the hallmark of a superior porch conversion. These steps are pivotal in solidifying the success of your DIY project, blending sophistication with the robustness that EzVue Vinyl windows bring to outdoor living spaces.

Sealing and Insulating for Comfort

Proper sealing and insulation are pivotal for the comfort and efficiency of your sunroom.

  1. Assess the Current Insulation: Verify the existing insulation quality to determine if additional material is needed.
  2. Seal Gaps and Cracks: Use caulk or expanding foam to seal any gaps or cracks around window and door frames.
  3. Install Insulation: Place insulation batts or foam boards between the framing members, trimming to fit snugly.
  4. Add Weather Stripping: Apply weather stripping around movable components like doors and operable windows.
  5. Check for Leaks: Perform a thorough check for potential air leaks and rectify them to ensure an airtight space. An airtight seal is essential to mitigate energy loss and maintain a stable indoor climate.

Employing these steps results in a comfortable sunroom, benefiting from lower energy costs and enhanced relaxation.

Customizing Your Outdoor Living Space

A sunroom serves not only as a bridge between your home’s interior and the great outdoors, implementing a bit of biophilic design aesthetic into your home. This also can serve as a personalized retreat reflective of your unique taste. Incorporating EzVue Vinyl windows and doors refines this space, making it a nearly year-round sanctuary (depending on your climate) that mirrors your personal style while maintaining optimal comfort and visibility.

In the spirit of National Home Improvement Month, converting your porch into a sunroom is a prime opportunity to create an “outdoor living room.” This functional extension of your home allows for increased engagement with nature without forgoing the tranquilities of indoor amenities. With EzVue’s innovative products, your sunroom is transformed into an elegant fusion of robust protection and panoramic views that invite the essence of the outside world into your serene enclosure.

Porch Remodel Barrington Illinois, Porch Conversion project with memory vinyl windows by Porch Life

Porch Remodel Barrington Illinois, Porch Conversion project with memory vinyl windows by Porch Life

Landscaping to Compliment Your Sunroom

The landscape around your sunroom can enhance the space, seamlessly merging indoor comfort with the beauty of the outdoors.

  1. Design With Visibility in Mind: Position plants and features to be viewed pleasantly from inside the sunroom.
  2. Incorporate Multi-Seasonal Flora: Choose plants that offer visual interest throughout different seasons.
  3. Create Privacy Naturally: Use shrubs or small trees to screen your sunroom, providing privacy without compromising light.
  4. Integrate Hardscaping Elements: Add stepping stones or a patio that leads to the sunroom for a cohesive outdoor design.
  5. Illuminate for Evening Enjoyment: Install soft landscape lighting for a transition to nighttime use of the space.
  6. Maintain a Clear Transition: Ensure there’s an obvious but natural flow from the sunroom to the surrounding landscape. Select plant varieties that echo the sunroom’s aesthetic, ensuring cohesion between architecture and horticulture.

Consultation with a landscape designer can elevate the entire project, maximizing the potential of your outdoor living space.

Porch DIY project in Manitoba, Canada with Porch Life EzVue Vinyl windows and doors

Porch DIY project in Manitoba, Canada with Porch Life EzVue Vinyl windows and doors

Request A Quote For EzVue Windows From Porch Life

In conclusion, when it comes to transforming your porch into a beautiful sunroom, investing in high-quality memory vinyl windows from Porch Life is a decision you won’t regret. With our expertise in outdoor living spaces and our commitment to excellence, Porch Life offers a range of EzVue Vinyl windows and doors that are not only durable and energy-efficient but also aesthetically pleasing. By choosing Porch Life for your porch conversion project, you can ensure that you are getting top-notch products that will enhance your home’s value and provide you with a comfortable and inviting space to enjoy nearly year-round. Don’t wait any longer, take advantage of National Home Improvement Month and start your journey towards a stunning DIY porch conversion with Porch Life today.

Check out EzVue Windows and Doors 

Upgrade Your Porch Year-Round with Porch Life’s EzVue Memory Vinyl Windows

Upgrade Your Porch Year-Round with Porch Life’s EzVue Memory Vinyl Windows

Winter months often bring with them a lull in home improvement projects. The cold weather and shorter days can make it challenging to take on outdoor tasks. However, for those looking to transform their porches into multi-seasonal spaces, winter is the perfect time to embark on a DIY porch window project, especially with Porch Life’s EzVue Memory Vinyl Windows.

Porch Life customer project. Vinyl windows before and after

Why Choose Porch Life’s EzVue Memory Vinyl Windows?

Porch Life, a renowned name in the realm of outdoor living spaces, offers the revolutionary EzVue Memory Vinyl Windows from Porch Conversions™. These windows are:

1. Initial Costs:

Memory Vinyl Windows are affordable and durable: Designed to be both cost-effective and long-lasting, these windows provide homeowners with a value-for-money solution for their porch enclosures.

  • Material Cost: Memory vinyl windows are generally more affordable than traditional glass windows.
  • Installation Cost: These windows are designed for easy installation, often without the need for extensive framing or structural changes. This can lead to reduced labor costs.
  • Durability: EzVue™ memory vinyl windows by Porch Conversions™ can withstand impacts from children, animals, and even baseball bats. They reshape their form quickly making them safe for active porch areas.

Glass Porch Windows:

  • Material Cost: Traditional glass windows, especially if you opt for double-pane or tempered glass, can be much more expensive than memory vinyl.
  • Installation Cost: Glass windows typically require more intricate framing, sealing, and installation processes, potentially increasing labor costs. In almost all cases, you’ll need to hire a professional contractor.

2. Maintenance and Longevity Costs:

Memory Vinyl Windows:

  • Maintenance: Memory vinyl is durable and resistant to common issues like rotting and corrosion. Cleaning is straightforward, usually requiring just a wipe-down.
  • Longevity: While memory vinyl is durable, its lifespan might be shorter than some high-quality glass options, however a few memory vinyl window replacements over the years will not compare to the cost of professionally installed glass windows.

Glass Porch Windows:

  • Maintenance: Glass windows require regular cleaning to maintain clarity. They can also be prone to smudging and streaking.
  • Longevity: With proper care, glass windows can last for decades. However, they are susceptible to cracks and breaks, which can lead to high replacement costs.

3. Energy Efficiency and Associated Costs:

Memory Vinyl Windows:

  • Memory vinyl windows offer excellent insulation, helping maintain a consistent temperature in the porch area for 3 1/2 seasons. This can lead to energy savings if you decide to have the porch integrated into part of the home’s HVAC system, or if you use a fireplace in this space. When closed, EzVue™ memory vinyl windows shield against rain, snow, wind, and almost 98% of the sun’s harmful rays. When open, they offer an impressive 75% ventilation, letting in the fresh air while keeping out bugs and dust.

Glass Porch Windows:

  • The energy efficiency of glass windows largely depends on their type. Double-pane or insulated glass windows can offer good insulation, but single-pane windows might not be as effective.

4. Resale Value:

Both memory vinyl and glass porch windows can enhance the resale value of a home. However, the exact value addition might vary based on regional preferences, the overall design of the porch, and current market trends. For DIY enthusiasts or homeowners who do not have luxury home budgets, Porch Life vinyl windows are easy to have custom-sized to fit existing openings without the need for expensive reframing. Whether you have a standard screen porch, sunroom, covered patio, or deck, these windows can transform it into a space you can enjoy almost year-round.

A beautiful house with transparent windows

Winter: The Ideal Time for a Porch Window Project

While it might seem counterintuitive, winter is an excellent time to undertake a porch window project for several reasons:

  1. Preparation for the Upcoming Seasons: By working on the project in winter, your porch will be ready to use by spring, allowing you to make the most of the warmer months.
  2. Lesser Distractions: With fewer outdoor activities in winter, homeowners can dedicate more time and focus to their DIY projects.
  3. Work at Your Own Pace: The off-season means there’s no rush. You can take your time to ensure every detail is perfect.

Transforming Your Porch with Porch Life

Porch Life’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is evident in the testimonials from satisfied clients. Many have praised the ease of installation, the transformation of their outdoor spaces, and the exceptional customer service provided by the Porch Life team.

Moreover, the company’s blog offers a wealth of information, from product-specific applications and technical specs to real client projects. For those embarking on a DIY journey, this resource can be invaluable.

Ready to Tackle Your DIY Porch Windows Project?

A porch is more than just an extension of your home; it’s a space where memories are made. Whether you’re sipping your morning coffee, enjoying a summer evening with family, or simply relaxing with a book, a porch offers a unique blend of indoor comfort and outdoor freshness. With Porch Life’s EzVue Memory Vinyl Windows, you can elevate this experience, making your porch a nearly year-round haven.

So, if you’re contemplating a home improvement project this winter, consider transforming your porch with Porch Life. It’s a decision that promises aesthetic appeal, functionality, and a return on investment in the form of endless moments of joy. We’re happy to help you with a free quote and provide measurement guidance.

Can Your 3-Season Porch Reduce Allergies?

Can Your 3-Season Porch Reduce Allergies?

Can My Porch Reduce Allergies?

For most of us, the upcoming sprintime presents full-blown pollen and bloom. Allergy season will certainly be here soon. Millions of people with allergy-related symptoms are suffering through it on an annual basis. Symptoms can range from a bit of sneezing to severe respiratory problems. According to WebMD, 30% of adults in the United States suffer from allergies and more than 25 million have asthma.

Since 1990 the pollen season has increased by 20 days. Specifically, the ragweed and pollen season has increased by 4 weeks over the last 15 years. It prevents homeowners and families from enjoying the beautiful outdoors. Taking all of this into consideration, and the fact that spring through fall is the favored season to partake in outdoor living and recreation — what are we to do? Fortunately, when you are at home, there is a way for you to still enjoy the outdoors without sneezing and coughing your way all the way through it. If enjoying the outdoor views, natural light and relaxing calm is your goal, you can still achieve this without sitting in the pollinated air.

Consider a Porch Life conversion for your porch, lanai, or other outdoor living space.

How pollen affects our home

Pollen can affect more than just your health (as if that weren’t bad enough). Pollen and airbornes can also damage outdoor furniture and structures if not maintained. Grass Pollen season happens from May to June. In July, we tend to have some relief from allergies because trees and grasses aren’t pollinating anymore. We do get into the muggy, humid weather though and if you’re in the midwest, you probably hate the mosquitos. This phase doesn’t last long, then August through November our allergies will return for weed pollination.

A common allergy season annoyance.

So, for months and months, this recurring problem tends to happen when you want to be outside enjoying nature with family, pets, and friends. How does upgrading your porch or adding a sunroom help with this problem?

How a DIY Porch Project Can Reduce Allergies

Most people use their screened outdoor living rooms in the spring and summer. There is certainly a coincidence that when we want to be outside is when things are growing and spreading and affecting us all. Screens, per se, don’t keep us safe from pollens or debris that can pass right through them.

Porch Life stands above the competition because we don’t custom-build your windows with screens. All our windows and doors use Porch Conversions proprietary Flexiglaze vinyl in addition to screen options. This clear and durable material not only lets light in just like a window, but it also stops 100% of pollen from getting in! If you live in an area that has mature trees, plenty of flowers and plants, or maybe even a pond, then you have a ton of stuff floating around in the air. If you have a lake home, a cabin, or live in the country or woods then these invaders are no stranger to you. You may even recall times when you’ve had to brush or sweep the pollen off your furniture and from in-between cracks. The dust and colored debris that can enter your space and wreak havoc on your furniture and walls can be really extensive.

FlexiGlaze memory vinyl windows will elevate this from happening and make your home more enjoyable.

Vinyl window porch upgrade in Manitoba, Canada

In addition to keeping the negative aspects of the season at bay, upgrading your outdoor living area to a 3 season porch adds value and versatility to your home. Sunshine, which is plentiful within a sunroom or three-season room, is beneficial to physical and mental health, improving a person’s outlook and increasing energy. A sunroom will allow you to take full advantage of a climate-controlled panoramic view of the beauty and interest in your very own backyard, season after season. You can enjoy the experience of outdoor views and serenity without irritation and itchy eyes.

Block UV rays

Porch Life’s memory vinyl windows are also UV safe. A misconception about vinyl windows is that they do not block UV rays. This is because vinyl windows are often associated with ‘plastic’ which usually melts or peels off due to exposure to UV rays. The sun is extremely powerful and has the ability to burn our skin, cause cancer, and cause sickness despite its ability to fade fabrics, rot furniture and destroy finishes. UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C are some of the harmful types of UV rays, UV-C being the most threatening of all.

However, the notion that Vinyl windows are not UV resistant is simply incorrect. uPVC windows usually have a special coating that gives them protection from UV rays. this coating not only protects the occupants from exposure to sunlight but also gives the windows that fresh and unstained look. The coating is part of the manufacturing process.

Decrease allergens inside and outside your home

Most screen porch companies advise using curtains and cleaning often to help with pollen. If these things are just too much to handle, one might suggest upgrading to a 4-season room. That comes with heavier expenses though. With Porch Life conversions, you simply don’t have to do either! We’ll keep your space clean of pollen and let in all the light that typical glass windows do.

Tips for decreasing allergens outside your home

Another key element to fighting the allergies battle is to help maintain allergens outside your home. How do you do that? Well, here are a few ideas…

Power wash your home

Pollen and other allergens love to collect on surfaces. Housing materials repel a lot of this on their own, but if they’re caked in dirt and debris, those surfaces will often retain more moisture. Moisture encourages the growth of mold and mildew – these are major allergy triggers. Power washing allows you to clean off the layer of gunk and debris that absorbs moisture and allows mold and mildew to grow.

power wash your home and paths in the spring to help reduce allergens
Power wash your home and paths in the spring.

While you’re at it, it’s a very good idea to power wash stone paths, any concrete or cement walkways, your driveway, and even your car and garage floor. This can ensure you’re starting fresh with every hard surface on your property.

Maintain your car

If you can store your car in the garage, do so. This prevents it from collecting pollen. It’s frustrating to open your door and see the pollen waft up into your face and into your vehicle. You’ve also now got pollen on your hand from the handle. That will get on the steering wheel and other interior surfaces, and you’ll inevitably touch your face. Store your car in a garage and the pollen won’t get in.

Replacing your automobile’s air filters is also a tip you should put on your calendar or task list every few months. Don’t let that stuff fester in an air chamber you sit in for long periods of time.

Your porch and patio

Homeowners often forget to ensure their porch and patio are allergen-free. These are the areas where you’re supposed to be able to relax outside. If you have outdoor sectionals, cushions, or upholstered chairs, make sure to protect these both from collecting allergens and from absorbing moisture. If you don’t have slipcovers, you can use an old sheet. You don’t want this furniture to grow mold or mildew or puff up a cloud of pollen every time you sit on it. The hard surfaces of your porch or patio can be power washed. Or, you can contact us today to learn more about upgrading your outdoor living space or porch with memory vinyl windows.

Your clothing

Wipe your feet. Most allergens collect on surfaces – including the ground, paths, and grass. As you walk through these, you collect allergens on your shoes.

Your clothing is another surface that allergens cling to and collect on. It’s a good idea to take off your shoes and coat and leave them in the mudroom when you come inside. If you want to keep a car, patio, or other outdoor area protected from allergens, don’t bring them with you. Wipe your feet and change out of gardening clothes and into fresh clothes when you go out. Keep clothes you’ve used in a closed hamper, so those allergens don’t spread around your home either. There’s a lot you can do to reduce allergens outside your home and with Porch Life, you can keep them from getting inside your home or your 3-season porch.

Contact Andrea

If you are considering upgrading your porch or outdoor living space, make sure to give Andrea a call at Porch Lilfe. She can give the best advice on how to tackle this project, she can help you measure your space for your new custom windows. She can even get you the best price. Contact Us today.

Get Your Porch Ready For Spring with DIY Vinyl Windows

Get Your Porch Ready For Spring with DIY Vinyl Windows

Your porch or patio is a transitional space that connects you to the outdoors when summer arrives. There are many different configurations in people’s homes that range from completely enclosed spaces (often called four-season rooms) to screen porches and open stone patios or wooden decks by the pool. The possibilities really are endless when you design your outdoor living space or simply enclose your porch area to extend your indoor living space for 3 seasons or more.

Do-It-Yourself Solutions

Flex vinyl glazing makes the vinyl strong and flexible. Our glazing can be hit or leaned on by a child or pet and still maintain its form. With this patented technology, you’ll never have to worry about golf balls, baseballs, or hail damaging your window. Our windows are truly DIY products.  Most likely, if you can handle a screwdriver, drill, and level, you can install these custom-built products. 

These are very lightweight, due to the memory vinyl insert instead of the glass insert, and install easily.  You get almost all of your questions answered about Memory vinyl windows and doors in the video below. But reach out to us with any questions you may have about ordering your custom memory vinyl windows and doors. Contact Porch Life today.

Why should you consider vinyl over standard glass windows? 

Consider these four reasons why:

Vinyl windows preserve the “porch” feel. 

One reason people love a Porch Life vinyl window porch is that it gives them the luxury of experiencing the outdoors without necessarily having to be outdoors. Vinyl offers just that.  The panels are also easy to remove. With just a few steps you can take them down for the summer and enjoy the outdoors with a screened-in porch. Glass windows unfortunately don’t provide that option and make your outdoor space look and feel like just another room in your house. Vinyl porch windows keep out the elements while maintaining the open feeling of having an outdoor space. 

Vinyl windows last longer through seasonal change

Porch Life’s customized window system allows you to keep the inviting feeling of a screened-in porch regardless of the season. Our product is designed to keep the elements out while providing 75% ventilation. Much more than your standard windows. Also, our vinyl windows are flexible, which makes them much more shatter resistant than any other product out there. Children and pets don’t stand a chance!

They require less maintenance

Porch Conversions porch windows by Porch Life are made with sturdy aluminum frames that don’t require any painting or staining. The durable Flex Vinyl has UV inhibitor built right into it so it keeps its transparency and durability. We guarantee it! Just clean the panels every 6 months, and your vinyl windows will last a lifetime!

Glass windows are made for inside the house and not for an unconditioned outdoor space. Porch Life Windows are low maintenance and designed specifically for use in a porch or sunroom and will stand up to the harsh Minnesota climate.

How Do I Order

It’s easy with Porch Life. If you’ve been thinking about DIY vinyl windows and door solutions for the porch or patio, just click on our products below to configure your own. If you need help, you can always just Contact Us.

Quick FAQs About Memory Vinyl Windows & Doors

You’ve probably been researching how to upgrade the doors and windows on your porch or outdoor space for a long time now. Potentially all winter long. Below are some of the most common questions. You can read all of our FAQs by clicking HERE >.

What colors of vinyl do we offer?

We offer Clear, Light Gray, Dark Gray, and Bronze vinyl colors.

What frame colors do we offer?

The standard frame colors are White, Tan, Clay, Bronze, and Black.

What types of screens do we offer?

Porch Life sells standard fiberglass mesh and premium screens.

Do I have to leave the bar in the center of the vents?

Yes. All units over 30 inches in width require a spreader bar. If the unit is under 30 inches then the bar is optional and must be noted on the order if they are not wanted.

Do Twin Units and Triple Units come pre-assembled?

No. Twin and Triple Window units come field mulled. They will require some assembly.

How do I determine the hinge of a door?

The hinge side for inswing and outswing doors is always determined from the outside looking in.

Are all doors installed from the exterior?

No. Inswing doors are installed from the interior side of the room.

Transform Your Outdoor Spaces With EzVue Porch Windows

You’ve learned a little bit about our DIY vinyl windows product. They are affordable and easy to operate and install. Porch Life will transform a standard screen porch, sunroom, covered patio, or covered deck, into a multi-season room, that you will be able to enjoy for most of the year. Our lightweight but heavy-duty vinyl windows and doors are uniquely designed and custom-sized to fit existing openings without expensive reframing, making it easy to enclose your outdoor spaces.

When open, they let the breeze in, with an incredible 75% ventilation. Closed, they provide protection from rain, snow, wind, bugs, dust, and the summer sun. Your porch will become an extension of your home or cabin that can be occupied nearly year-round.

Porch Life can ship your order directly to your home ready to be installed.

How To Plan Your DIY Porch Enclosure Project

How To Plan Your DIY Porch Enclosure Project

If you are building a home, a garage, a gazebo, a lanai, or other projects that require building materials then you have likely slammed head-first into a barrier in getting things done: limited supplies.

You are not alone.

Custom furniture resellers are quoting 6-10 months on a single hardwood chair or couch being made in North Carolina. Office furniture companies are quoting 4-6 months for delivery of catalog products that can not catch up to demand. Electric vehicles are awaiting semiconductor chipsets and other crucial elements to battery operation that are keeping them from being scheduled for production. Ford quoted 22 weeks last fall for their electric SUVs – they are nearing 35 months now and buyers are just receiving their automobiles.

How much longer can this go on? Well into 2023 is what they are predicting. COVID-19 has continued to snarl up supply chains beginning with how materials and items are sourced. Many manufacturing facilities, both in the U.S and abroad, have enacted socially distanced workstations which reduce the workable footprint of the facility, thus slowing supply even more. It’s better than the entire place getting sick though, which happens, and they have to shut down.

Still today, many people don’t understand this or even believe that it is true. It’s true… we now live in a world where COVID has permanently changed the supply chain.

Plan For Your Porch Enclosure Project

The reality is that we are helping our customers plan out their projects much longer-term than we used to. Four years ago or less, you could take measurements, submit an order for your memory vinyl windows by Porch Life and you’d have them within 5-6 weeks. Today, our production timeline from Porch Conversions is 6-8 weeks after your order is accepted. We then need to ship them to you. If you’ve had any contractor tell you that they can’t start a project for about 8 weeks, its not because they can’t fit you into the mix – they can’t source the products needed to complete the job. That’s where we are at.

So plan ahead. Thinking about getting started on your winter outdoor living project in non-midwest states right now? You may behind the 8 ball. Right now is the time to order your winter project materials and start planning for spring project. Hit the ground running int eh spring or summer by having your materials ready to go – just in time…

family enjoying their new memory vinyl windows on their extend porch

According to the National Association of Home Builders, windows and doors the second hardest item to find behind lumber. Its survey found that 65% of respondents reported a shortage, with 46% reporting a serious shortage. Rightfully so, there are not many window and door manufacturers in the United States. Think of the names.. Anderson, Larson, Porch Conversions, Cascade, Marvin, Pella. We may have just covered them all! They are not likely to invest in new factories that will be unable to place human workers or be a temporary crush of orders that dies off with our inflation rates.

You are not alone… We are not alone. But your project just needs some diligent planning. That’s all!

Consider Memory Vinyl Windows

Our best advice is to join the growing list of people planning their spring/summer 2023 projects. We have many of those orders in cue and they’ll be ready in plenty of time! Replacing your windows comes with many decisions, one being which type of material you want to use for your window frames. Using vinyl for your windows has many benefits and at Porch Life, we offer a variety of customizations for your vinyl windows. But first, you may be asking “why Porch Life”? Let’s answer that basic question first.

Memory vinyl windows on Porch conversions project
Memory Vinyl Windows on a Porch Conversions Project

Why Porch Life?

Experience. When placing your order for your porch windows or outdoor living conversion project, you will have some questions and concerns about the process. It requires measuring and some math. Your order is custom-made for your porch or home project – refunds are not an option once your order is underway. How will you know you’ve ordered the right product, the right color, or the right size?

Simple- experience.

Porch Life has many years of experience working with vinyl windows directly from our manufacturer. Your custom porch windows are manufactured by Porch Conversions. They are made in the USA in some of America’s top furniture manufacturing markets, such as North Carolina. Having worked with Porch Conversions on the sales side for years, our official distributorship relationship has offered us knowledge that you can’t find anywhere else.

And we’ll be honest with you. It will probably be 10 weeks or more before you see your order. But ordering from someone else won’t speed that up for you – we’re a top-tier reseller for these companies and our orders are handled with the best timelines they can offer.

A few benefits

  1. We know the Memory vinyl windows and doors products inside and out
  2. We are skillfully versed in the measuring techniques
  3. We have helped thousands of customers with the right selections for their home project
  4. We offer help over the phone to get your measurements and order put together.
  5. We can manually prepare your order and invoice you. You don’t have to submit your order on our website.
  6. We can add expedited production to orders to ensure production of your products is done within 15 days. Your shipping estimation will happen after that. We are one of the few window/door supplier offering this option for 10% of the order price.

At Porch Life, your quote is free, help with measuring is free and we’ll even put your order together for you.

Start by measuring your space

Vinyl windows are a top premium choice for home remodeling and home improvement projects. In and of themselves, vinyl windows offer a thermal break, minimizing heat transfer from the outside of the home to the inside. Porch Life’s Vinyl windows look great and require very little maintenance. You can extend your outdoor enjoyment further than 3 seasons, especially with a blanket or fireplace in the room. As a result of their aluminum frame and composition, there is also no need to repaint or re-stain vinyl windows since they are the same color throughout.

However, before placing an order for a memory vinyl window, the first critical step is to determine the right measurement for the new window.

How to measure your windows

  1. The first thing you’ll want to do is to make sure that the window is level. Equally important is checking to make sure that the sides are plum.
  2. The next thing you’ll want to do is check across the width in three locations and make note of the dimensions.
    1. Measure across the bottom.
    2. Then, measure across the middle.
    3. Also, measure across the top.
  3. Equally, you’ll also want to check the height of your opening in three locations – Left, middle, and right.
measuring your porch for vinyl replacement windows
Measure your space carefully before placing your order.

When ordering your window, you’re going to want to use the smallest of the dimensions that we just took to make sure that your window is going to fit properly in the opening. You can downsize the window yourself, tell us what you want it to be, or you can give us a rough opening and we will downsize it a quarter of an inch. This will leave you with a nice eighth-inch reveal so you’ll be able to center your window up in the opening. If you have an opening that is out of square, we will have the information you can follow that will guide you on how to properly measure and submit for an out-of-square opening.

But what about my other materials

It’s true, Porch Life is only one aspect of the total equation. If you’re not just doing a porch enclosure but rather building an entirely new porch, a backyard lanai, or other enclosed structure, you have a lot of work to do before you’ll get the ball rolling. You’ll want to get realistic timelines from the concrete contractor, the lumber contractor, the carpenter, and the electrician, and depending on the scope of your project there may be others.

There are many ways to create a porch enclosure. In years past, many DIYers would create wood frames, and staple mesh or similar materials into the frames to create a porch enclosure to keep out bugs. It worked… but this method makes it difficult to create an aesthetically pleasing enclosure, keep out the dirt and weather, and repairs were expensive and cumbersome. Ultimately you probably want something that matches the design and flow of your home that will become a welcoming space for family and friends.

Today, there are so many screening and window systems that are affordable, easy to use, and help to create a lasting enclosure with excellent curb appeal.

Good luck with your projects. We’re here to help!